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4th Annual Toy Drive Thank You!

By April 19, 2017 August 9th, 2017 Blog

Hello Friends of Lakeview Animal Hospital, Wynonna Greyhound here sending out a VERY belated thank you to all those who donated to my 4TH Annual Toy Drive for After the Track Greyhound Adoption. Not including the toys that are visiting Dr. Tux’s Surgical Ward for eye replacement and squeeker enhancement procedures, we have a total donation of  40!! toys, and we STILL have toys squeeking in past the deadline!

This year we had quite a few anonymous toy donations, but I would like to extend my personal thanks to these names I managed to get my paws on:

-Angel Bindi40 Toys


-Angel Benny

-Chief & Daisy

-Storm & Cooper


-Angel Matilda & Angel Spotty

-My BF Tux (xoxoxo)

-Grammy Sharon


-Brogan, Casey & Emma




-Mrs. Irving

How fitting that April is Adopt A Greyhound Month! My friends & I will be very busy meeting & greeting folks this month at various locales, helping to spread the word about adopting a retired racing greyhound, or inviting one temporarily into a foster home…which is where all these amazing donated toys are heading! Every greyhound staying in a foster home is offered their choice of toy, which they then take along with them to their FUR-ever home. Guess what toy I still have & cherish…that’s right…the little chicken squeeky toy that my foster home gave to me! This is why I started my Toy Drive…to give a special toy to each and every one of these special pups, just like me so many years ago…

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