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In memory of a wonderful little girl named Montana…

By May 2, 2017 September 25th, 2019 Blog

In memory of a wonderful little girl named Montana…Thank you John and Bev for sharing this wonderful story…

“Eighteen years ago today (Oct 30), I spotted a small long-haired cat coming up our driveway. I went to check her out and she began talking to me. Bev opened the door to see what was going on and the cat confidently marched into the house. Montana had decided that this was where she wanted to live her life.

As you know from your many encounters with her, Monty was very determined and strong-willed. She explored every inch of the house on her own terms. Anything new to come into the house was hers – until she quickly decided that she wanted something else. She was an amazing jumper, getting up on perches and counters easily. She went up the stairs with a beautiful gracefulness. And she was so photogenic. Even in her final weeks, she kept all these traits.

She constantly reinvented the rules, and in the past few months, decided to replace Harmony as the “office cat”. She adopted the desk and the printer as her home base, and even when she ventured out, I would quickly hear her heavy footsteps as she would come trotting back in, jumping up on the chair and then the desk to own her latest spot.

She was clearly losing ground to her kidney disease in the past couple of weeks, but she still had many good moments, including a particularly vigorous exploration of the basement last Friday. It was wonderful to see her so energetic and inquisitive – very much our Montana.

Monty passed away on Wednesday with Dr. Scott and Robyn here to help her. It was very peaceful, and she died in the home she had picked so long ago. We have many lasting memories, photos and videos of this terrific cat.

Thank you all for your extreme kindness and attention to Monty’s needs. We add our own appreciation because your care allowed us to travel with confidence that we would come back to a happy and healthy family.”

John and Bev (and Oliver, Simon and Callie).


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