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Why is Home Dental Care Necessary?

By April 3, 2013 Blog

Over time tartar and plaque buildup on your pet’s teeth, just as they would on your own teeth if you were unable to brush them…fortunately, the buildup takes longer in animals than in humans, especially with pets fed mainly a dry diet.  However, in all pets tartar will form; this tartar, if not removed, provides a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, leading to bad breath, cavities and gum disease.  The presence of bacteria in the mouth can lead to local infections such as tooth root problems, root canal disease and ultimately severe tooth loss.  Since the mouth and gum tissues contain a tremendous blood supply, these infections may spread through the vascular system to the major organs in the body, leading to heart, liver and kidney disease.  Some of these can be life threatening to your pet.  Therefore proper home dental care is an essential part of good pet care.



Dental Care Facts

  • 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease.
  • If your pet has recently undergone a dental health procedure it’s important to wait until one week after to start brushing the teeth.  The reason for this, is to allow the gums to rest
  • Once brushing your pet’s teeth is worked into your daily regime; you will notice a happier pet with a brighter smile and not so smelly breath
  •  If your pet shows any of the following symptoms then they should be seen by their regular Veterinarian:
    • Bad Breath
    • Inflamed gums (red/swollen gingival)
    • Plaque covering the teeth
    • Tartar accumulation
    • Cherry red and bleeding gums
    • Loss of or broken teeth
    • Infection on the gum line
    • Poor appetite, painful when chewing