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Notes: “The Clinic” refers to one of Animal Care Clinic (1242 Queen St. W., Brampton, ON), Lakeview Animal Hospital (1077 N. Service Rd., Mississauga, ON) or Mount Albert Veterinary Hospital (19144 Hwy 48, Mount Albert, ON) as appropriate. “My Veterinarian” refers to the veterinarian conducting the remote consultation.
By participating in a remote consultation, or otherwise utilizing any of our telehealth / telemedicine services, you authorize The Clinic to remotely (without in-clinic contact) consult, diagnose, advise and treat your pet.
I, the respondent, being 18 years of age or older, am the owner or agent of the pet described and am authorized to make decisions regarding all aspects of its health care, including authorizing costs for its health care. I hereby give consent to The Clinic to remotely (without in-clinic contact) consult, diagnose, advise and treat my pet. I understand and acknowledge that:
  • These are extremely unusual circumstances, and that My Veterinarian and The Clinic‘s team are providing this service in an attempt to continue to provide health care for my pet
  • A physical exam of my pet in person is usually required before a team member from The Clinic can advise on, diagnose, treat or otherwise care for my pet
  • By not receiving an in-clinic physical exam, My Veterinarian does not have the standard minimum level of information that is normally required to give medical recommendations, including diagnoses and treatments and, as such is giving their best advice and recommendations based on the information presented to them
  • A remote appointment will be considered a full appointment and billed appropriately as a full veterinary consultation appointment. An in-clinic visit may also be deemed necessary based on the outcome of the remote appointment (and will be included in the cost of the remote appointment if (and only if) it is deemed necessary by My Veterinarian)
  • All advice, diagnoses and treatments and other recommendations are being done to the best of The Clinic’s team members’ abilities but may be incomplete or inaccurate
  • That there can be no guarantee as to my pet’s condition or reaction to, or the outcome of, any of the advice, diagnoses or treatments recommended and/or discussed
  • Appointments may be recorded and stored for training and security purposes
  • Unexpected follow up care (such as emergencies) will be provided in the standard way, either by phone or by visiting the The Clinic’s Contact web page
  • This service is an extension of The Clinic’s existing service, operated under The Clinic’s current veterinary licence(s), and may have limitations beyond those listed here
  • The Clinic takes privacy seriously and makes every reasonable effort to ensure privacy with their telemedicine consultations (as they do with all consultations) and will not sell or otherwise distribute data to third parties (unless required by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario or by law), however due to the nature of virtual services and the fact that they do not control the underlying technology, there is the possibility of privacy or other breaches beyond their ability to reasonably foresee and control
  • My questions have been answered, I have read or had explained to me and fully understand the information in this form, and declare that I understand and voluntarily consent to the consultation, including treatments and recommendations, as described
  • My consent to the information in this form via acceptance of, and participation in, a remote appointment are a reasonable substitute to a standard signature for consent, and it is agreed that this constitutes full legal consent

(No signature necessary – consent attained and affirmed in appointment questionnaire)

Version 1.0 April 2020

Usage and Help

Apple Safari (iPad): Enable Microphone and Camera

Note that without doing this prior to your telemedicine appointment, you may not be seen or heard by your veterinarian.

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Scroll down and open Safari tab
  • Ensure Camera & Microphone are set to Allow