Pawsitively Groomed operates within our hospital and offers professional grooming for small to medium breeds of dogs.. Certain breeds—especially those with long hair that mats easily—may need assistance keeping themselves clean. Animals that are older or have physical disabilities may also benefit from our grooming services. During your pet’s grooming session, he or she will receive a bath, a haircut or a shave, a nail trim, and ear cleaning. Pawsitively Groomed will also check and clean your pet’s eyes, paws, and pads. Pawsitively Groomed knows how to keep your pet calm during grooming, so if a bath or nail trim is normally stressful, you can let Pawsitively Groomed take care of those responsibilities so you—and your pet—can relax.Besides just making your pet look and smell good, grooming provides health benefits. Regular brushing helps remove dead hair, mats, and dirt and distributes natural oils throughout the fur, keeping the coat clean and healthy. Trimming hair around the face, ears, paw pads, and other areas can help prevent infections and irritation and keep debris from accumulating. Trimming nails can prevent joint pain, stiffness, and foot problems.In addition to providing grooming services, Pawsitively Groomed can offer advice and techniques to help keep your pet well-groomed. And feel free to ask for a product recommendation or browse our pet-safe shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products in our reception area.Call today to book your appointment!

golden retriever in bath tub

Medicated Baths


Medicated baths can help ease many skin conditions in your pet. If he or she suffers from seborrhoea (a noncontagious condition that can cause skin to become dry and flaky…

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