• Mar 12 2015

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    February ~ A Month Full of Continuing Education!!!

    February was a busy month for the Lakeview Staff...everyone had some type of continuing education to attend. …

  • Feb 09 2015

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    Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) Conference

    January 29 - 31, 2015 - *The OVMA Conference and Trade Show is the largest veterinary conference in Canada, offering world-class continuing education opportunities and the most extensive veterinary…

  • Aug 25 2014

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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Here are the staff members that have been nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Click on their name to see their video.  Not only have they performed the challenge, they have also donated…

  • Sep 19 2013

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    CE Update!

    On September 11...Robyn (RVT), Marta (RVT), Sue, Lindsay, Mary and Julie attended the TAVM.  They learned about Infectious diseases and infection control.  The speaker was Dr. Scott Weese from the…

  • May 03 2013

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    Help Mississauga Vet Bring Hot Car Awareness

    The warmer weather is here and everyone is excited about it; unfortunately this means that a car ride for a pet can become a deadly situation.  Temperatures in a car rise quickly which can make the…

  • Apr 29 2013

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    Golden Triangle CE!

    On March 27 Dr. Scott went to a Golden Triangle lecture by Dr. Lisa Radosta from Florida, it was on Veterinary Behaviour Service and on April 24 Dr. Scott attended another Golden Triangle lecture on…

  • Apr 19 2013

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    CE: To Breath or not to Breath!

    On April 10 2013 - Robyn (RVT), Sue, Mary, Lisa, Lindsay, Marta (RVT) and Melonie all attended the TAVM.  This seminar was titled "To Breath or not to Breath!" How well do you know our equipment? …