• May 21 2020

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    Disease-Detecting Dogs – Even COVID-19

    Scent detection dogs, or sniffer dogs, can be trained to sniff out many different things including contraband drugs, explosives, missing people, and disease.  With up to 300 million smell…

  • May 14 2020

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    Veterinary telemedicine has gained a lot of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. …

  • Apr 08 2016

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    A Memory of Maggie...

    One of our clients wanted to share her memory of her cat Maggie... …

  • Mar 01 2016

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    A Huge Toy Drive Thank You!!!

    Wynonna here: Wanting to give a special “bark out” to some very generous pups who raided their toy bins and picked out some gently loved toys (and even lots of new ones!) to donate to my 3rd…

  • Dec 09 2015

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    Dr Scott - CE in November

    On November 25, 2015 Dr. Scott attended the Golden Triangle Veterinary Academy meeting, where Dr. C. Pye gave a lecture on Dermatology - Focus on Allergies. …

  • Apr 21 2015

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    Dr Scott - CE in April

    On April 19, 2015 Dr Scott attended the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) 2015 Nutrition Symposium. The event included lecture topics on the relationship between obesity and osteoarthritis, and…

  • Apr 16 2015

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    Cat Healthy ~ TAVM Talk

    On April 15 ~ Robyn (RVT), Marta (RVT), Mary, Julie, Diana and Sue attended the TAVM talk on Cat Healthy ~ Is Your Practice? …