Jul 26 2012

Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine Seminars

Once a month the Lakeview Staff members (Robyn (RVT), Marta (RVT), Julie, Sue, Melonie, Mary, Lisa and Lindsay) go to the seminars to learn educational information which benefits the staff, the hospital and our patients.

Here is what they will be learning from Sept – Nov 2012:
Sept 12 2012 – The Technician in Opthalmolgy: Truly an Important Role…In this seminar they will learn how the technician’s role in the ocular exam will be explored.  That the technician can also play an important role in admitting, triaging and treating of ocular emergencies.  Examples of ocular emergencies and their “dos and don’ts” will be discussed at the end of the seminar.

October 17 2012 – Every Pet, Every Time – Guidelines for Nutritional Assessment…The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have created guidelines to provide small animal practices with help in assessing the nutritional needs of dogs and cats and in evaluating how they should be fed.  These organizations believe that veterinarians and veterinary teams should incorporate a nutritional assessment and specific dietary recommendation for every pet, every time they visit.  In this seminar, Dr. Robert Van Delst will “deconstruct” this guidelines in a way that makes sense for your own practice – helping you to work together with pet owners to assess the nutritional needs of each patient, and providing tips that will help you to have meaningful conversation with pet owner regarding some very common concerns.

November 14 2012 – Pain Management in the Hospitalized Patient…This seminar will focus on acute pain management using popular, and new pain management strategies, including tramadol, buprenorphine, dexmedetomidine, gabapentin, as well as modes of drug delivery (eg. local anesthetic blocks and intravenous infusions).  There will be an emphasis on individualized pain management using care based examples.

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